My works are reflection of the drama been created by the construction of layers in a structure which represents the history and its untold story. The essence of ‘old’ attracts me and I try to replicate the story of that structure; how its decomposed structure reflects the identity of that place. The works doesn’t showcase the whole landscape of it, but rather focus on the elements which modify the whole structure. Elements like doors, windows, or even walls express the untold story of the time.

Currently, I am working on the idea of preserving the traditional and old architecture of a cities (where I have lived) that is now vanishing because of the modernization. Architecture in India or in general is something that is deeply connected with the lifestyle and culture of the people of the place and carries the history and uncountable stories with it. I'm interested in preserving those stories which I represent through different (sometimes similar) objects that are found in different architectural spaces at different places.

My works display an essence of my surrounding which is very common to the eye but the ways of seeing it differs. Through mediums I try to play with the representation and create a sense of existence; parallel to the space I create. The process of my work accompanies with the material I choose. Clay is my main medium to work with and is also a representation of my surroundings and households. Traditionally in India, Ceramic has always been used as a means to produce utility product or as a craft practice. But, through my works I tend to evolve the medium as a work of art by exploring the different aspect of it and amalgamating the traditional style of working with the modern techniques and also by preserving the uniqueness or the essence of the medium.
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